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How would you like to completely turn your career around and join the best defence companies and organisations in the world? Or support critical infrastructure within banking, financial services, and insurance industry? 

Maybe you’ve always wanted to move to Brussels and start working for NATO, but never knew how to start? 

Perhaps you’d rather stay where you are but still change your life by working directly at Vector Synergy, a NATO Prime IT Partner, specialising in cyber defence and technology services? 

Whichever option sounds the most appealing, we have some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for you! 

About us

We are a global leader in cyber defence and IT consulting & services, trusted by organisations such as NATO, the EU, and a wide range of industries, from BFSI to utilities and manufacturing.

Becoming a consultant

By becoming one of our consultants, you’ll join the ranks of over 1000 ready-to-go talents poised to enhance any project, who have a proven ability to deliver exceptional results with unmatched expertise, efficiency, and top security clearance. 

Becoming internal employee

By becoming a Vector Synergy internal employee, you’ll join over 70 professionals, who are developing their skills through working on interesting projects in an international environment.

Meet our employees and consultants

What are the best parts of being one of our consultants? What do our employees like about working at Vector Synergy? Find out below: 

The work of a consultant is ideal for driven and determined individuals who aspire to achieve more in life. It’s an experience that broadens your horizons. Even if you stay only a few months and treat it as a brief adventure, you’ll learn a lot, and it will benefit you in the long run. Having NATO on your CV is a strong advantage, given its international renown. Vector Synergy will also assist you in obtaining all the necessary certifications, which you can keep for life. Personally, I value the opportunity to meet interesting people—business professionals, NATO personnel, and IT specialists—immersing myself in that environment helped me launch my own business.
Dariusz Nowara
Dariusz Nowara
Vector Synergy consultant working at NATO
When you work at Vector Synergy, you are more than just a number; everyone's work is appreciated. We have a real influence, and we can make decisions, because our superiors trust us. Additionally, each day can bring different tasks; even though I navigate within a specific bundle of responsibilities, I have some freedom, because I’m not bound by rigid processes. I like and appreciate it immensely. This nature of work promotes satisfaction and prevents rapid burnout. Also, the fact that our company is supporting organisations like NATO and the EU is really something special.
Adrianna Brok
Adrianna Brok
Finance Specialist
I’ve been working at Vector Synergy since 2014. I started out as a Recruitment Specialist, and now I’m the Recruitment & Operations Director. When I first joined, this was my second job ever, and Vector Synergy allowed me to spread my wings and develop my recruitment and leadership skills. Since the very beginning I liked that we’re practically the only Polish company that supplies consultants for such prestigious institutions like NATO and the EU. Not many recruiters in Poland can say they’ve worked on such projects. I also enjoy working in an international environment and using English every day. I get to talk with candidates from all over the Europe, who are experts in their fields. As I’ve progressed in my career, I had the opportunity to create my department, set KPIs, and continue to grow. It’s been many years, and I’m still learning!
Ewa Mikołajczak
Ewa Mikołajczak
Recruitment & Operations Director
I joined Vector Synergy at the beginning of 2023 and have been supporting the Growth Department in coordinating our branding efforts ever since. What I value most is the autonomy we're given in our roles. The focus is on achieving results, but the path you take to get there is yours to choose, offering a lot of room for self-development and innovative approaches. The company's openness to new ideas allows us to propose and run new projects. Additionally, the support from colleagues across various departments is remarkable. We truly work as a team, and finding assistance is always easy.
Adam Bosy
Adam Bosy
Brand Specialist

Consultants & Vector Synergy: How We Cooperate

Our consultants work on incredible projects, but regardless of their responsibilities, all of them remain an integral part of Vector Synergy’s story.  

How do we make sure that’s the case?

Our partnership starts when one of our HR experts reaches out to you with an offer. Have you ever thought about working in the defence industry or even for international organisations such as NATO? To do such work, you need a security clearance, but you can’t apply for it yourself. No worries – we can do it for you.

Once you obtain your clearance, become our consultant, and start work, we stay in touch and are ready to assist you however you need. You can reach out to us with any questions you may have, and we’ll do our best to support you. 

You’re also not left alone when it comes to managing the relationship with your new boss we continuously gather feedback about your cooperation from both you and the client. That way we can organise a performance review and talk through everything you’re doing well and maybe some areas of improvement, to make sure your contract goes according to plan. 

As one of Vector Synergy’s consultants, you will find yourself in a new situation, and most probably a new place – but you most definitely won’t be alone. You will be welcomed into the Vector Synergy community, and you will benefit from the experience of an organization that’s been supporting consultants like you since 2010. 

Current openings

Ready to join our team?
Explore our current job openings and discover opportunities to be part of innovative projects around the world.  

Recruitment Process – What to Expect

Learn about our recruitment process, from application to onboarding, and gain insights into what you can expect when pursuing a career with Vector Synergy.  

Become a Vector Synergy consultant

Introductory call
You’ll meet with one of our recruiters to chat about who we are, what kind of projects we’re involved with, and what you can expect. Let’s get to know each other!
2nd call
Once you decide that you’re interested in cooperation, it’s time to discuss the contract and the specifics of being a consultant. We’ll talk you through any risk involved and answer all your questions, so that you can make an informed decision.
Competency test
You’re an expert in your field – but we need to be able to prove it to our clients, so we’ll ask you to participate in a competency test on a dedicated platform.
Preparation of the documents
If you already have all the necessary clearances, it’s time to sign the documents needed to apply to a particular institution, prepare your CV, and send it to the client. If not, we’ll support you through the process of obtaining the clearance.
Interview with the client or Vector Synergy hiring manager
Once you’re initially approved by the client (or the hiring manager), we’ll help you prepare for the meeting.

Our support doesn’t end there. Once you’re offered the role, we’ll help you with relocation, finding an apartment, and answer any questions you may have. As you start work, our (and yours!) Service Delivery Manager will be with you every step of the way, making sure your cooperation with the client is going smoothly. 

Become an internal Vector Synergy employee

Screening call
After you send us your CV, we get in touch with chosen candidates. Our recruiter will call you for a short conversation, where they’ll tell you more about the role you’re applying for, our company, and the recruitment process. That’s also the moment for you to confirm you’re still interested in the role.
Culture fit
You’ll be asked to fill out a short survey that will help us assess if you’re the right fit for our organization.
Interview with a recruiter
This is an hour-long conversation where you’ll get to share more info about your experience and motivation.
Interview with the hiring manager
It’s time to meet your potential manager! You’ll talk in more detail about the specific role you’re applying for, and its opportunities and challenges.

The recruitment process depends on the role you’re applying for. In some cases, the process may be more complex – for instance, in executive roles you may also meet with our CEO, and in HR roles you may also be asked to do a recruitment task. That said, the elements above are shared by all the recruitment processes. 

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