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1st Polish Cybersecurity

Do you have what it takes to protect yourself against a cyberattack?
Take part in the Olympics and benchmark your skills!

Deadline for applications 11.04.2024

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About the Olympics


15-16 April 2024


The International Cybersecurity Congress INSECON in Poznań - Don't worry about the ticket, we've got it covered (priced at 1,5-2k PLN)


The event is a joint initiative of Vector Synergy and CDeX

What will we focus on?
The challenges during the Olympics will be focused on the four key aspects of cybersecurity:

Each of the categories has multiple scenarios you will get to choose from, depending on your skills and interests. Scenarios are available throughout the duration of the event and start every 30 minutes, keeping the challenges fresh. The length of the scenarios varies from 2 to 8 hours – the choice is yours.

After you complete the scenario, your score will be automatically counted by the CDeX evaluation system, and the best 10 scores will be tracked on the global leaderboard. Can your score make it up there?

The winners in each of the 4 categories will receive a prize – and it’s not just bragging rights for beating the competition and keeping your systems safe.

// About the Platform

The Most Advanced
Cybersecurity Training Platform

The 1st Polish Cybersecurity Olympics will be completely run on the Cyber Defence Exercise Platform.

CDeX is an advanced training platform and lab offering a fully scalable, automated and hyperrealistic training environment. It allows you to build cyber defence competencies and acquire skills in live cyberwarfare conditions.

Hyperrealistic Attack Simulations

Experience simulation of cyber warfare based on real threats using the Agent and Action technology. Test and experiment, searching for vulnerabilities in a contained and controlled lab environment that you create.

Simulate IT&OT Networks

Create your digital twin, recreate networks, subnetworks and machines, as well as IoT/SCADA devices and get your infrastructure up and running. You are only limited by the resources of your machine.

// Join us at INSECON


The 1st Polish Cybersecurity Olympics will take place during the International Cybersecurity Congress INSECON. The Congress is an initiative aimed at increasing awareness of current and future cyberspace threats, presenting tools and good practices for effective security and response, locally, regionally and at the national level.
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About Vector Synergy and CDeX

At Vector Synergy, we have been at the forefront of advanced security and IT solutions since our inception in 2010. That only intensified back in 2016, when CDeX was created as one of our projects. Now we operate as two separate entities but are strongly intertwined because of our past.
NATO Certified Prime Technology Partner

Vector Synergy

We are a NATO Certified Prime Technology Partner specialising in cyber defence consulting and technology services, trusted by organizations such as NCIA (NATO Communications and Information Agency), the EU (Europol, European Space Agency), and a wide range of industries, from BFSI to utilities and manufacturing. All of our highly skilled experts possess a personal security clearance, allowing them to work on secret and top-secret classified projects.
Complex cyber range platform


CDeX is a complex cyber range platform, offering a fully scalable, automated, and hyper realistic training environment. It allows you to build cyber defence competencies and acquire skills in a live cyberattack conditions.

Once you sign up, we will let you know about the next steps. Deadline for applications 11.04.2024

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